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St. Marys Guildhall (Coventry)

St. Marys Hall is a historic building in the fascinating cathedral city of Coventry.

It can be found in the maze of streets just to the South of Coventry Cathedral.

The hall was first built in 1342 for the Merchant Guild, and enlarged in 1394 when it came into the hands of the Trinity Guild. Since 1552 it has been the property of the corporation.

A timber-framed building, it has a vaulted crypt, above which is the Great Hall, containing the Flemish Coventry Tapestry, worked to celebrate the visit of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York in 1500.

Two small chambers have panelling which came from old Coventry inns.

The adjoining 13th century Caesars Tower is a remnant of Coventry Castle, and is one of the places where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned in 1569.

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