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Water Tower (Colchester)

The Water Tower is a conspicuous landmark in the ancient town of Colchester in Essex.

It is one of the two visual highlights when the hilltop town is seen from the valley of the River Colne, the other being the Town Hall.

The Water Tower is widely known by Essex people as Jumbo. This is not just because of its elephantine appearance. The nickname comes from the elephant named Jumbo, which at the time the tower was being built was sold to P. T. Barnum for his Barnum and Bailey Circus.

The tower was designed by Mr Clegg and built in 1882. It is of red brick with a pyramid roof and a little cupola on top, and is said to be the second largest Water Tower in the land.

It stands just inside the Roman Walls, close to the Balkerne Gate, and is the most prominent landmark when looking Westwards along the High Street.

Jumbo is viewed locally with great affection.

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