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St. Peters Church (Colchester)

St. Peters is one of the old churches in the historic Essex town of Colchester.

It stands at the top of North Hill at the West end of the High Street, from where the street leads down steeply to the River Colne.

It is basically a mediaeval church, mentioned in the Domesday Book, but modernised so much in the 17th century that today it is largely Georgian.

The square red brick tower was built in 1758, replacing an earlier tower which collapsed as a result of a European earthquake in 1692. It has a clock hanging on a bracket.

There is an unusual bone-hole which dates from about 1520, and the fine pulpit is from about 1700. There are balconies above the aisles.

A tablet erected in 1843 records local martyrs burned at the stake in Queen Mary's reign.

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