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St. Mary`s Church (Clumber Park)

St. Mary`s Church is the magnificent church on the Clumber Park estate in Nottinghamshire.

It was commissioned by the landowner, the 7th Duke of Newcastle, in 1886. The architect whom he chose was G. F. Bodley, although before it was completed the pair fell out over what the Duke felt were excessive costs, and it was finished by other architects in 1889.

The church is symmetrical and cruciform, with a tower that becomes octagonal and is surmounted by a spire. Particularly from the lake, it is a beautiful sight.

There are windows by Kempe, including a Crucifixion in the East window , below which are Adam and Eve copied from Durer.

In the North transept is a classical monument to Georgiana, wife of the 4th Duke.

The house was demolished in 1938, but the church was left standing.

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