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St. Peter`s Church (Church Langton)

St. Peter`s is the parish church of the Leicestershire village of Church Langton.

It is a very tall church, mostly built of ironstone but with ashlar West tower and clerestory. It dates back to the 13th century.

There are mediaeval sedilia and piscina, and the octagonal font is dated 1662.

In the vestry passage is a crudely carved relief of a naked figure, probably the Norse god Thor. He is holding what is probably a hammer, but it just could be a cross. Certainly this relief is pre-Norman.

From 1753, the Rector was the extraordinary Rev. William Hanbury, who was also an enthusiast for gardening and Architecture. He organised three music festivals, including the first performance in a church of Handel`s "Messiah".

All this was connected with his ambitious plans to establish a collegiate foundation, which was to be larger than any English cathedral and with a lantern taller than the spire at Salisbury Cathedral.

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