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St. Marys Hospital (Chichester)

St. Marys Hospital is an ancient almshouse in the historic cathedral city of Chichester.

It is situated in St. Martins Square, in the North East section of the city between North Street and East Street.

It was founded in 1269 and completed in 1290, and was later administered by the cathedral chapter, and is still occupied by eight elderly ladies, who receive free lodging and a small pension.

The East end consists of a chapel which the residents attend for a service every day.

Between the two is a beatifully carved screen, and the choir stalls have excellent 14th century misericords.

It is Englands only surviving example of what was in mediaeval times a common type of establishment - a large hall consisting of hospital and chapel.

In the 1660s, after the Restoration of Charles II, the hospital was converted into eight two-roomed dwellings.

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