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Eastgate (Chester)

The Eastgate is one of the best known features of the ancient city of Chester.

It stands astride the road where Eastgate Street (inside the City Walls) becomes Foregate Street (outside the walls).

This was one of the gates into the Roman city, and indeed the most important one, being the ceremonial entrance. The present Eastgate was constructed in 1769, and replaced a mediaeval gate which in turn had replaced the Roman one.

The City Walls, virtually complete, have a walkway on top, and this walkway runs across the Eastgate, so that one can can look down into the bustling heart of the city.

The Eastgate is surmounted a highly photogenic clock, which was erected in 1897 to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. So many people take photographs of this beautiful clock that it ranks second only in that respect to Big Ben in London.

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