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Bristol Cathedral (Bristol)

The Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity is the cathedral which serves the major city of Bristol. It has a fine setting beside College Green.

It was originally the church of an Augustinian abbey, and became a cathedral in Henry VIII`s reign, in 1542.

G. E. Street built the nave and two Western towers between 1868 and 1888, following the architecture of the choir. The aisles are the same height as the nave, making it a hall church, and as such it is unique among English cathedrals. Moreover, the arches are 50 feet high, and the highest in England.

Two of the bosses show Edward II. In one he is naked except for his crown, and in the other he is pointing to the spot where the red hot poker entered his body and killed him in 1327.

In the Berkeley Chapel is the only mediaeval candelabrum in England. It shows the Madonna and Child as well as St. George and the Dragon.

In 1994, the Church of England`s first women priests were ordained in this cathedral, by Barry Rogerson, Bishop of Bristol.

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