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St. Thomas Church (Bradwell-juxta-Mare)

St. Thomas the Apostle is the parish church of the somewhat remote Essex village of Bradwell-juxta-Mare, in the Dengie Hundred.

The village is most famous for the amazing survival of St. Peter-ad-Murum Church, built by St. Cedd in the mid 7th century.

That church, however, is over a mile away from the present site of the village, which is now served by St. Thomas.

The nave and chancel of St. Thomas' date from the 14th century, and the West tower was added in 1706.

Frederic Chancellor did a considerable amount of renewal work in 1864.

The font is octagonal, and is 14th century.

The attractive porch was brought here from the hamlet of Shopland, near Southend, when its St. Mary's Church was demolished in the 1950s.

In the churchyard wall is a small Georgian village lock-up.

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