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St. Mary`s Church (Beverley)

St. Mary`s is a beautiful church at Beverley in Yorkshire, and dates back to about 1220.

It stands just inside the 14th century gateway known as the North Bar.

The central tower collapsed in 1520, damaging the nave. Tower and nave were rebuilt over the next few years, paid for by the town guilds and a few wealthy individuals.

The Minstrels` Pier was paid for by the Minstrels` Guild. It shows five figures playing mediaeval instruments. Unfortunately, three of the instruments have been lost and only the lute and oboe remain.

A stone figure of a rabbit, carved about 1350, was inspiration for Sir John Tenniel`s illustration of the White Rabbit in "Alice`s Adventures in Wonderland".

Over a doorway by St. Michael`s Chapel is the carving known as the Beverley Imp.

The chancel ceiling was painted in 1445, and uniquely depicts forty kings. In 1939 George VI was added.

The West front dates from the early 15th century, and may have inspired the chapel of Kings College, Cambridge.

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