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Royal Crescent (Bath)

Royal Crescent is one of the architectural highlights of the historic and elegant city of Bath, and indeed of England.

It stands, with its magnificent curve, faced with a sloping lawn and ha ha, overlooking Bath and the surrounding countryside.

The Crescent was designed by John Wood the Elder, and completed by his son John Wood the Younger, in 1775. Wood the Elder had created many other aspects of Bath, including The Circus nearby, and the Younger too designed many buildings in the city.

It comprises a semicircle of 30 houses, with a frontage of Ionic columns. The continuous cornice is 660 feet long, and the whole edifice is constructed of the local honey coloured stone.

No l Royal Crescent was designed for the younger Wood's father in law Thomas Brock, and was at one time occupied by George III's son Frederick, the Duke of York. It is now under the stewardship of the Bath Preservation Trust, and open to the public.

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