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Roman Baths (Bath)

The Roman Baths represent one of the most impressive features of the historic city of Bath, and certainly the oldest.

They are situated at the heart of the city, close to Bath Abbey and close to the Pump Room.

The spring waters were known to the Celtic people, and indeed legend says that they were discovered by Bladud, who was cured of leprosy by them and went on to rule as King of Britain.

The baths themselves were constructed by the Romans, and dedicated to Sulis Minerva, neatly joining a Celtic goddess to a Roman one. They were in constant use from the 1st to 4th centuries.

The considerable remains are 20 feet below what is now the street level.

The breathtaking Great Bath is 70 feet long,30 feet wide and 5 feet deep. It is still fed by the Roman plumbing.

Other baths in the complex are known as the King's Bath, the Circular Bath and the Lucas Bath.

The baths were hidden for a thousand years, after the roof had caved in, and were partly discovered again in the 18th century, followed by a great deal of excavation in the 19th..

There is a fine museum alongside the baths, containing Roman artefacts, including many which were thrown into the sacred waters as votive offerings.

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