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St. Andrews

St. Andrews is a historic city in Fife in Scotland, 9 miles from Cupar. It dates back to the foundation of the cathedral in 1160.

It is also well known as the world`s pre-eminent golfing centre.

St. Andrews Cathedral was constructed between the 12th and 14th centuries, where relics of St. Andrew himself were brought, according to tradition, by the Greek monk St. Regulus in the 4th century, although this was more likely to have been in the 8th century. The cathedral was destroyed during the Reformation, and is now in ruins.

St. Andrews Castle, on the clifftop, was destroyed at the same time as the cathedral, and rebuilt in the late 16th century, but is now likewise in ruins.

St. Andrews University is the oldest in Scotland, having been founded in 1412. By the 16th century it included the colleges of St. Salvator, St. Leonard and St. Mary.

The old town became a prosperous market centre, with a Town Wall, parts of which survive today. There is also an ancient harbour.

Holy Trinity Church was founded in 1410. It was here that John Knox preached his first public sermon.

St. Rule`s Church was founded in the 12th century.

Golf has been played at St. Andrews since the 17th century. The Society of St. Andrews Golfers was founded in 1754, and changed its name to the Royal and Ancient in 1834. The society is now considered to be the ruling authority of golf.

The town is also a thriving holiday centre.

Jo Grimond, former leader of the Liberal Party, was born at St. Andrews. The music hall entertainer Will Fyffe died in the town.

Places in St. Andrews

St. Andrews Castle, St. Andrews Cathedral, St. Andrews University, Strathtyrum House

Places in St. Andrews...