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Rockingham is a delightful village in Northamptonshire, 3 miles from Corby.

The largely 17th century ironstone thatched cottages line the main road as it drops steeply to the River Welland and the border with Leicestershire.

St. Leonard's Church dates originally from the 13th century. It was badly, damaged, however, in the Civil War and rebuilt in the 19th century.

Rockingham Castle, on the hilltop, dates from the Norman period and has a massive gateway. It has been in the hands of the Watson family since 1530.

King John used the castle as a hunting lodge and Charles Dickens was a frequent visitor.

It was the setting for the BBC TV series "By the Sword Divided".

Rockingham Forest takes its name from the village.

There is now a Rockingham motor racing circuit just outside, on the way to Corby.

Places in Rockingham

Rockingham Castle