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Monkwearmouth is a historic site in Tyne and Wear, formerly County Durham. It is across the River Wear from Sunderland, of which it is now a suburb.

St. Peter`s Church dates back to the Anglo-Saxon period, and was founded as a monastery by Benedict Biscop in 674. The tower has five stages. A few years later Biscop founded the monastery at Jarrow, and the two ran in tandem. He brought from France craftsmen skilled in glass, and St. Peter`s is the first English church to use glass. The Venerable Bede entered the monastery at Monkwearmouth at the age of 7, but spent the rest of his life at Jarrow.

The National Glass Centre stands by the river.

The former Monkwearmouth Station, designed by Dobson in 1848, is now the Museum of Land Transport.

Places in Monkwearmouth

St. Peter`s Station