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Malvern, or more properly Great Malvern, is an attractive spa town in Worcestershire, 7 miles from Worcester.

It was heavily promoted in the 19th century for its pure water and fresh air around the surrounding Malvern Hills, now designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so that what was previously a village became a small and prosperous town. The young Princess Victoria's visit certainly helped.

Malvern Priory, founded by the Benedictines in the 1080s, is now the parish church. The tower dates from the 15th century and the nave is Norman. There is a fine collection of misericords and an even better collection of mediaeval encaustic tiles.

The Abbey Gateway houses the town museum.

The Festival Theatre became famous in the 1930s for first performances of a number of plays by George Bernard Shaw, who founded the annual Malvern Festival.

There are some lovely gardens, notably the Winter Gardens and Priory Park.

The highest of the Malvern Hills is the Worcestershire Beacon, rising to 1395 feet, where William Langland composed "Piers Plowman". The hills have also inspired both the great English composer Edward Elgar and the writer J. R. R. Tolkien, who used them as the basis for the Misty Mountains.

St. Ann's Well, on the slopes of the Beacon, is the source for much of the town's famous water.

Many visitors come in connection with Elgar, who was born not far away at Lower Broadheath.

The Swedish singer Jenny Lind is buried in the cemetery.

Other villages around the Malvern Hills include Little Malvern, Malvern Link, Malvern Link and West Malvern.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Malvern for groups.

Places in Malvern

Great Malvern Station, Malvern Priory

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