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Great Witley

Great Witley is a village in Worcestershire, on the edge of Wyre Forest and 5 miles from Stourport.

Witley Court, built in the 18th century, was one of the largest houses in Europe, and once the home of Queen Adelaide, but after a fire in 1937 it was left to deteriorate. The ruins have now been made safe and opened to the public by English Heritage. There are huge fountains in the garden.

St. Michael`s Church, built in 1735, is the baroque family chapel. It has magnificent plasterwork and a painted ceiling, brought from the Duke of Chandos` demolished palace in Middlesex.

At a road junction is the red brick Georgian inn known as the Hundred House.

The wooded Abberley Hills overlook the village.

Places in Great Witley

Abberley Hall Clock Tower