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Glen Parva

Glen Parva is a former village to the South of Leicester, which is now virtually a suburb of the city.

It lies on the main road from Leicester which runs through Aylestone, then on through Blaby and Lutterworth to Rugby in Warwickshire.

The centre of Glen Parva has shifted. It now lies along this main road, but was formerly a little to the East, where a 15th century pub and some lanes stand as reminders of its earlier position.

There is also the moated site of the manor house, which has now been opened up to the public by the local council.

Glen Parva lies in a natural gap, which (like the much better known Watford Gap) has several significant forms of communication running through it. There’s the River Sence, which joins the River Soar a few miles to the West, the canal, the road from Wigston Magna to Blaby, and the railway line from Leicester via Hinckley to Birmingham.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Glen Parva for groups.

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