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Crowland is a small town in Lincolnshire, on the edge of the Fens, 8 miles from Peterborough. It stands on the River Welland.

It is sometimes known as Croyland.

The town grew up around the great Crowland Abbey, a Benedictine house set up by King Ethelbald in 716 to the memory of St. Guthlac, the former soldier who established his hermitage in this isolated situation.

There are spectacular remains of a Norman arch and 13th century West Front. There is a 15th century bell tower, and the North aisle is still in use as the parish church.

Nearby is the unique Trinity Bridge, built in the 14th century to cross three streams, which no longer run.

One of England's earliest historians is known as the Chronicler of Crowland.

Places in Crowland

Crowland Abbey, Trinity Bridge