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Croft is a village in Leicestershire, not far from Narborough.

St. Michael's Church has a Norman window, but was otherwise rebuilt in 1879.

Croft Hill is a landmark that can be seen for miles, although much of it has been quarried away.

This is a most important site historically. It was an early Christian meeting place and the site of a fair as well as a meeting place for judicial purposes. King Wiglaf of Mercia held court here in 836, and those present included the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Croft Hill may well be site of the torture and execution of forty thieves in 1124.

It was suggested in the 18th century that Croft Hill was the legendary "Omphalos" at the centre of Britain.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Croft for groups.

Places in Croft

St. Michael`s Church