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Canewdon is a village in South East Essex, deep in the marshlands between the River Crouch and its tributary the River Roach, and 3 miles from Rochford.

St. Nicholas' Church has a massive tower, built to celebrate the English victory at Agincourt. It was formerly used as beacon to guide shipping.

On the Village Green is a lock up, built in 1775, containing the stocks.

Canewdon has for centuries has a reputation as a centre of witchcraft. The much feared Cunning Man, George Pickingill, died aged 93 in 1909.

In 1016, Cnut's forces lined up at Canewdon before their victory over Edmund Ironside at the Battle of Ashingdon.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Canewdon for groups.

Places in Canewdon

St. Nicholas Church